VNISA - The 9th Vietnam Information Security Day Letter


For attention of  Board of Directors,

“Vietnam Information Security Day” is an annual event that has resonated in the community of information technology. “Vietnam Information Security Day” has been paid much attention by many organizations, enterprises, sponsors and media agencies. This is also a national event which takes place concurrently in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. The event at HCMC will be held by the South Branch of VNISA and Department of Information and Communications, under the sponsor of People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City.
This year 2016, the 9th Vietnam Information Security Day with the theme “New era of cyber security” will be opened in a large-scale with the participation of the major information technology circles. The event will focus on the purpose of establishing co-operation between enterprises and organizations in development and enhancing ICT application, consolidating among Government – Society – Enterprises. It is also an opportunity for the organizations to meet, exchange information, introduce their company’s operation and discuss the latest technology solutions, etc…
Vietnam Information Security Day 2016 will be kicked off in the middle of November with the following activities:
-       “Student with Information Security Day 2016” competition will start in the beginning of November
-       VNISA sport outing
-       Conference day including 2 parts:
          + Morning: Overview seminar
          + Afternoon: 3 sessions with the current popular topics
We would greatly appreciate your support to the event through various sponsorship opportunities.   
Thank you very much for your time and consideration about this letter and the event.
We wish you great success and prosperity.
Yours faithfully,

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VNISA South Branch.